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The Olympic bidding system and process need to be revised to better suit future Olympic city needs for and ambitions on sustainable urban building.

Supporting new policy

We strongly support the efforts that the IOC has made with Agenda2020 and the renewed commitment to making the Games (more) sustainable. We have also noticed that our mission is strongly supported by individuals, although sometimes mocked at for the gigantism of the challenge, we have yet to meet the first person who does not believe what we believe.

We want to positively influence and help policy makers to make the Games a podium for sustainability progress and economic and social prosperity.

Although we acknowledge the efforts by the IOC administration, we are also aware that the current governance structures make it difficult to create accountability for the actual sustainability performance on part of the host cities. We want to influence policy makers at the international level to include an objective assessment of sustainability criteria in the bidding process, as well as calling for more accountability on sustainability related promises made in the bid.

On city-level, we want to mirror the sustainability policies made by bidding and host cities. For this we work together with international experts with Olympic experience in influencing sustainability policies as well as sustainable procurement policies.

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