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We want to positively reframe the legacy that is left by the Olympic Games in order to bring them new legitimacy.

Our Olympic Legacy

In past history , the Olympic Games were set up as a podium for technological advancement, education and social change. Yet if we look at the situation today we recognize that there is a growing dissatisfaction with how the Games are being organized. Costs are spiraling out of control, the sustainability aspects of many past events are questionable and all this leads to a less positive emotion around the heritage of the Games.

How can we change this and shift the excitement of the Games from what now is only six weeks to one that contributes continuously ?. From the period before it’s hosted in a specific city to leveraging it’s knowledge afterwards once the Games are over. We want to create awareness about the current reality of the Games’ legacy. But more importantly, we want to create awareness on the endless possibilities of the Games’ potential legacy.

By rethinking the way we design venues and their environments, we want to create different podiums for talented designers, architects and city planners, urban ecosystem developers and more to contribute to the debate and show what could be the true value of the Games as they were once intented.

Recent activity

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