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Showing is believing. We want to share our knowledge and redesign past Olympic ‘legacy’ buildings to make concrete the possibilities they can bring.

Leaving lasting landmarks

The best way to inspire is to act.

Our greatest goal is to see actual change in the way that the Olympic Games, and specifically their venues are being approached.

Our action would consist of leaving lasting landmarks of positive change by thinking in terms of temporary, flexible or long-term venue design. We have the knowledge on how to shift focus from energy efficient buildings to buildings that last for just as long as they are expected to be used.

Under this track we aim to assist future host cities with the way they approach their Masterplan and individual venue design. We bring the leading knowledge in the field of sustainable (venue) design to host cities, and will do so by collaborating with frontrunners in the field of architecture, construction and design.

We also will work with former host cities who are left with abandoned ‘white elephants’, with the aim of transforming them to become renewed hubs of social, cultural and economic activity.

Recent activity

Historic Amsterdam Olympic area subject of PK Award 2017

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Netherlands’ based real estate investment management agency ‘Bouwinvest’ launched the PK Award 2017 on November 22 for the area surrounding the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic stadium. This award aims to give…

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