Our mission

‘Sport has the power to change the world’.   Nelson Mandela

More than sports

The Olympic Games has always been about more than just Sports: it has been about spreading friendship and understanding. How better to bring about this cultural awareness than using sports as communicative factor?

We believe that, in this day and age, a new sustainability message is needed: one that excites and breathes optimism. One that looks at opportunities, and in doing so unlocks innovation.

We recognize that the IOC has been a steady and firm supporter of the sustainability movement – adding sustainability as the third pillar of Olympism in 1996. Building on this existing relationship we want to use the Olympic podium to spread this positive sustainability message and show a global audience what the endless possibilities are, if we are only able to rethink how we approach them.

Olympact is a non-profit foundation focusing on bringing this positive change to the most inspiring global podium there is, broadening the Olympic podium to share both sporting prowess and sustainability progress. And in essence bringing Pierre de Coubertin’s vision on the modern Olympic Games back to its’ origins: the Olympic Games being about much more than sports, but also about culture and education.

We work on three key areas:

Shifting ideas

The paradigm shift that we want to make comes from stepping away from the negative dominant CO2 mindset towards a positive perspective on materials and resources. This full ‘ Circular Economy ‘ perspective is not only logical from the Games perspective, but also gives new meaning to the Olympic rings.