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Art Exhibition Museumplein July 6th -9th; Olympic cities Past, Present & Potential

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We are currently working on an art exhibition which will be launched during the Urban Sports Week Amsterdam July 6th -9th 2017. We will amongst other, portray the photos of Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit’s ‘Olympic City Project’ which communicate the current reality of abandoned Olympic Villages. We have, as part of the expo also organized a children’s designathon in which the children will develop their Olympic stadium of the future, according to the principles of the Circular Economy. Based on the children’s visions and their own creativity, leading Dutch architects will also be present and assisting to envision the underlying potential of today’s white elephants.

For more information on this exhibition, please contact Liselore at liselore@Olympact.org

This Expo wil be realised with the support of the City of Amsterdam and Urban Sports Week Amsterdam.

The road to succes is always painful. Because?

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Seven Months after the Games have passed, Rio’s Olympic Village is still very much left untouched. Despite perhaps a few smaller initiatives to reuse some construction elements, like for instance reusing the tiles of the olympic swimming pool, the city lacks an overal, integral approach to give new meaningful use to it’s Olympic Legacy. Dutch Newspaper ‘ The Volkskrant’  went and visited Mrs. Amorim, recently inaugurated and representing the Executive board of Rio City on the challenging task of developing and transforming Rio’s Olympic ‘Legacy Venues’ into something that comes close to the original plan. Her story is one of big ambitions,  less efficient procurement and planning,  government officials with an ‘ own agenda’ and last but not least to many ‘rosy’ commitments that would be hard to capitalise upon. To read the full story click here. (article in Dutch only)

At this moment, no city nor its residents would give support to hosting the Games given the examples that now color the Global newspapers – proven by the continuous withdrawls of bids.

Here at Olympact we want to help government officials like Mrs. Amorin,  before – during and after the Games, by shifting the mindset of the Olympics from a ‘3-week party’ to an event that can bring sustainable positive change. We believe that Cities can benefit from hosting the Games, both in terms of physical and social infrastructure. Olympic suppliers can be positively engaged to improve their sustainability practices through thoughtful procurement. And most importantly, local communities can again celebrate the coming of the Games, rather than celebrating them being over. Sustainability and circular business models can be profitable and can benefit more people than just a few large players.

The IOC, responsible for the Games can also help,  by making the Olympic physical and social ‘Legacy’  their top priority: giving the Games the new positive legitimacy it so desperately needs.

For instance by reinstating the Games to how they were once intended by Pierre de Coubertin: as platform to celebrate the Olympiade – the four years period in- between the Games.  Following his legacy, that period not only reflected the ambitions that were reached and even exceeded by athletes,  but also by societies as a whole, making the Olympic Games be ‘more’ than just about sports.

One of these other ambitions can for instance be around the achievements made in the sustainability arena. The Olympic Games can become it’s vehicle serving as a positive example on how to circular source, develop and reuse our planets resources but also by being a platform to celebrate the progressions and achievements that were made in this area. Let’s together create a new realm for the Games, giving the old Olympic motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius: Faster, Higher, Stronger, new meaning too.

LA 2024 Bid Committee Reveals ‘Low-risk’ Sustainable Venue Plan

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Organisers of the Los Angeles Olympic bid for 2024 cemented the sustainability credentials of the project, confirming that only existing, already planned, or temporary venues will be used should they be successful.

LA 2024’s committee revealed the venues for archery, modern pentathlon and mountain biking, with all three taking place in planned of existing facilities. Read more here.

Historic Amsterdam Olympic area subject of PK Award 2017

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Netherlands’ based real estate investment management agency ‘Bouwinvest’ launched the PK Award 2017 on November 22 for the area surrounding the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic stadium. This award aims to give a boost to upcoming design talent, offering financial incentives and an opportunity of a major contract in redeveloping the Olympic area.

The subject of this second edition of the Award is the northern part of the ‘Olympic’ neighborhood in Amsterdam, an area full of history and with the potential to become a highly desirable urban area.

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