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We know that we are not alone in our dream or our mission.

 We believe in the positive transformative power of sports.

We are not alone in this belief, and applaud the already existing initiatives, partners and projects that have already contributed to this mission. But we want to do more, we want  to be the spark from which new initiatives can grow.  We welcome  new ideas and inspiring people who  share our  values  into making this change, together.

What inspires us

We know that we are not alone in our dream or our mission. May inspiring individuals have preceded us in integrating sustainability and sports and showing what is possible. Here you will find a number of initiatives and people that we find inspiring.

Have we missed something? Tell us! We want this to be a place of sharing great examples of positive change.


Our mission in making the Games more sustainable is large. Large missions and dreams require collaboration, and therefore we are happy to partner with like-minded and complementary organizations in order to work towards achieving our mission.

Are you interested in becoming an Olympact partner? Contact us for more information.


The Circular Economy paradigm is fortunately not entirely new to the Olympic Games. We applaud a number of projects that have already been completed, and share the positive examples in order to inspire and ignite change.

Have we missed something? Please tell us, so that we can add to this portfolio of inspiring examples.

Recent activity

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